OB/GYN Virtual Visits

Midwest Center for Women’s Healthcare is committed to keeping our patients and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to provide quality care. We’re pleased to now offer Virtual Visits so you can engage with our OB/GYN providers in a one-to-one setting from the comfort and safety of your home.

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What is a virtual OB/GYN visit and how does it work?

  • A virtual visit connects you to your OB/GYN provider via your smartphone, tablet, or computer so you don’t have to travel to get the care you need.

What can I be seen for during my virtual visit?

There are many types of OB/GYN visits that may be appropriate for a Virtual Visit!

  • Birth control consultations

  • Preconception and fertility counseling

  • Menopause or perimenopause

  • Pelvic pain, painful periods, painful intercourse

  • Irregular periods or PCOS

  • Possible urinary tract or vaginal infections

How do I connect with my provider for my virtual visit?

  • At the time of your appointment, you will receive a text message inviting you to click on a link.

  • You will not need to download any apps, you will connect to your provider via your web browser.

  • If you do not have texting capability or prefer not to use text, please let our office know when your telehealth visit is scheduled. In that case, you will receive an email with the link. Once you click the link, you will be connected with your provider via a secure one-on-one video link.

Please note that the Virtual Visit link will only work for 10 minutes, so if you don’t see it or don’t respond in time, we will need to send you a new link.

Is a virtual visit appropriate for me?

Your office will contact you if you are currently scheduled for an in-office visit if your doctor believes your appointment could be handled via a virtual visit.

If you are not currently scheduled for a visit but have any clinical issues or want to talk to your provider for any reason, please contact your office to see if your issue might be clinically appropriate for a virtual visit.

Our phone lines are very busy right now, so we suggest you use our convenient patient portal to request an appointment. Our office will let you know whether you can be scheduled for a virtual visit or if you need to be seen in person at our office.

Are virtual visits covered by health insurance?


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the federal government and the state of Illinois has mandated coverage of telehealth visits by Medicare, Medicaid, and all commercial insurers in Illinois.

You will not have to pay copays or coinsurance, but your deductible may still apply (depending on your plan). If you do not have health insurance and are paying directly, you will be charged a discounted price of $100 per telehealth visit.

Can I still come to the office for an in-person visit?


Please know that we are still available for urgent OB/GYN care at our offices. Please reach out to your office with questions. If your provider determines your issue might be clinically appropriate for a virtual visit, we can get that scheduled for you.

Please contact our care centers if you have questions on if a virtual visit might work for you! Thank you for helping us keep all of our patients and staff safe and healthy during this difficult time. We are here for you!